How to use Sabzi

Sabzi has been created to be diverse, multi-tasking, and suitable for all skin types. A common question we get asked at Supper Club is: what’s the best way to use Sabzi? Every bottle is as unique as its owner, and the method of application reflects this. There are various ways to use Sabzi within your routine, which is why we have compiled the below guide.
This guide ensures that you get the best from your bottle of Sabzi, and can continually adapt the usage depending on circumstances, seasons or lifestyle changes.


For those who struggle with layering, Sabzi can be used alone as a lightweight powerhouse product. Use Sabzi on clean skin to ensure optimal results with no heaviness, stickiness, or a tacky finish. The potent antioxidant properties of Sabzi will shield and protect your skin against environmental, oxidative stress.

Tip: To lock in moisture, lightly mist the skin with your facial mist/essence and onto damp skin layer Sabzi.



Sabzi can be used as your daily serum. Apply a few drops to clean, dry skin and massage into skin until fully absorbed. Follow this with your daily moisturiser, emulsion, or even layer beneath another serum. Although Sabzi is an oil, it has an incredibly high epidermal absorption rate, so this is best layered underneath heavier product to get the full benefits from its active properties.

Tip: Combine a few drops with your serum if you want to boost your existing routine.



Using Sabzi to lock in your existing serum is a great method for those who want an environmental shield. Although we recommend that Sabzi is used as one of the first steps in one’s skincare routine, we do think that layering it on top of product will work brilliantly as a barrier. This method locks in moisture to give you a beautifully luminous finish. Great for cold or harsh weather conditions.

Tip: Combine a couple of drops with moisturiser as a boost to your existing skincare routine.